Many Good Reasons For Getting a Home Inspection in Toronto

Published on June 30, 2017

There are various reasons to get a home inspection in Toronto. For those who are buying or selling a property, a professional inspection can reveal many things, both positive and negative. Even for those who are renovating or retrofitting, a comprehensive inspection can pinpoint issues that should be addressed. What's important is to ensure an objective evaluation that also provides remedies and solutions that will help the homeowner in making practical decisions.

For property owners who want to undertake a home inspection in Toronto, Barrier Sciences Group inspects everything from insulation, to wiring, to plumbing, to air quality. BSG professionals gather relevant data so that deficiencies can be effectively resolved, and retrofits can be initiated in a cost-effective manner. The BSG team is highly trained, using advanced equipment, and offering remedies that are designed to deliver long term homeowner benefits.

1.  Outdated electric wiring (as well as “homemade” retrofits) are inspected for viability
2.  Roofing problems and attic issues are both assessed, based on age and performability
3.  HVAC systems (heating and cooling units) are scrutinized for performance potential
4.  Plumbing issues, water leaks, and water intrusion are checked, along with damages
5.  Home energy is evaluated based on air leakage, thermal insulation, and ventilation
6.  Building drainage, roof gutters, and downspouts are checked for efficient operation
7.  Air leakage is measured in the building envelope (windows, doors, structural cracks)
8.  Indoor environmental issues are addressed (things like air quality and mold growth)

When expediting a home inspection in Toronto, BSG puts particular emphasis on the source and cause of a problem, particularly when symptoms are quite obvious but the cause is unclear. This is precisely where a comprehensive home inspection can be valuable – the more depth, the better chance of discovering the nature of a problem. Above all, BSG home inspections are impartial and objective, without relying on any assumptions or predetermined conclusions.

Once a home inspection has been completed, Barrier Sciences Group employs an “incremental” approach when recommending remedies, repairs, and retrofits. In this way, the most important work is done first, followed by additional work to achieve “performance goals” going forward. With BSG on the job, homeowners can be sure that deficiencies are being addressed, remedies are being expedited, and retrofits are delivering the best possible returns-on-investment.

A professional home inspection in Toronto can be valuable when buying a property, selling a property, or undertaking home renovations. The BSG team makes sure that homeowners understand the specifics of their inspection and understand the scope of repairs that are recommended. From inspection, to reporting, to retrofitting, Barrier Sciences Group can satisfy even the most demanding of pre-requisites, with verifiable data, and practicable options.

BSG offers professional home inspection services in the Toronto area, and throughout the Golden Horseshoe. Homeowners can arrange for an onsite consultation by contacting BSG toll free at 1-866-333-3920, or by visiting the company's website at With BSG, homeowners can feel confident that all work is being done right the first time.


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