Pre-Drywall Blower Door Tests

You Can’t Substitute Airtightness

You can’t substitute airtightness, but airtightness can lead to substitutions. Starting December 31, 2016 planning for an airtight building envelope will result in savings. Having Barrier Sciences Group (BSG) perform a pre-drywall blower door test will allow you to find air leakages early enough in the construction process to take advantage of substitutions and avoid costly repairs. BSG is a certified energy advisor dedicated to making sure your projects run smoothly from start to finish. Pre-drywall blower door tests are crucial to ensuring that the home exceeds your expectations. When air leakages are found prior to hanging drywall, there is nothing in the way of finding and fixing every single hole. You can have an airtight building envelope every time.

Pre-Drywall Blower Door Tests Barrier Sciences group

Plan to Save

Planning your building envelope for optimal airtightness will save you money on construction costs. If your building hits certain Air Changes per Hour targets, you can substitute costly materials and equipment with less costly alternatives. The only way to know if your building envelope is meeting those targets is by performing a pre-drywall blower door test. This makes having a pre-drywall blower door test a fundamental part of the planning process.

Time to Save

By spending a little time on a pre-drywall blower door test, you are saving a lot of time finding and repairing air leakages in the building envelope – air leakages are still easily accessible and easy to repair at this stage in construction. The more often you have a pre-drywall blower door test performed, the better you become at stopping leaks before they start.

  • Start your homes with airtight building envelopes and utilize substitutions
  • Start reducing costs on labour and construction by catching air leakages early
  • Start ahead of the competition with better building standards

Start by Performing a Pre-Drywall Blower Door Test

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Meet an Airtightness Target

Building TypeACH @ 50PaNLA @ 10PaNLR @ 50Pa

and Substitute One

Higher RSI/R-ValueLower RSI/R-Value
HRV with higher efficiencyHRV with lower efficiency
Furnace with 98%, 96% or 94% AFUEReduce furnace efficiency by 4% AFUE
Fenestration U-Value = 1.6, 1.4 or 1.2Increase U-Value by 0.2

or Substitute Two

Above grade continuous wall insulation with higher RSI/R-ValueAbove grade continuous wall insulation with lower RSI/R-Value
Higher RSI/R-Value insulation between studs in above grade walls with continuous insulationLower RSI/R-Value insulation between studs in above grade walls with continuous insulation
Basement wall with higher RSI/R-ValueBasement wall with lower RSI/R-Value
Slab located more than 600mm/24in below grade and entire under slab insulation is higher RSI/R-ValueLower RSI/R-Value depending on whether the slab is heated or unheated
Higher RSI/R-Value ceiling insulation with or without 250 mm high heelLower RSI/R-Value ceiling insulation

Add Pre-Drywall Blower Door Tests to Your Planning Process
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