The Home Efficiency Rebate Initiative

Homeowners across Ontario are eligible for up to $5,000 of home reno rebates through the Home Efficiency Rebate initiative. Both Enbridge Gas and Union Gas customers are able to claim these rebates, making it more affordable for homeowners to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Rebates are available for customers who improve their home’s: airtightness, insulation, furnace, boiler, doors, windows, and/or skylights.

Is the Home Efficiency Rebate Open?

Yes! Following a brief closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Home Efficiency Rebate was re-opened on June 15, 2020. In addition, all in-home energy audits are able to carried out to qualify Ontario homeowners for the rebate program. Barrier Sciences Group is committed to the safety of our customers, and abides by all Ontario Public Health and Enbridge Gas guidelines. For full information on the Barrier Sciences Group response to the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.


How Do I Know if I am Eligible for Rebates?

In order to become eligible and receive a rebate from the Home Efficiency Rebate initiative, you are required to:

What are the "Limited Time Offer" Packages?

For a limited time, the Home Efficiency Rebate currently offers two packages with bonus rebate amounts to those who have their pre-work energy audit completed before August 31, 2020 and their post-work energy audit completed within 120 days of the pre-work audit.

These two Limited Time Offer packages contain various popular scopes of work, and award bonus rebate amounts. There are no additional requirements to qualify for these promotional packages. Just by completing the scopes of work outlined in each package, alongside the pre- and post-work energy audits within the date period above, you will receive the bonus rebate amounts (provided you already meet the qualifying requirements for the Home Efficiency Rebate).

If you have any questions or comments about the Limited Time Offer packages for the Home Efficiency Rebate, please do contact us or call us at 1-866-333-3920!

List of bonus rebate packages for the Home Efficiency Rebate (available for a limited time)

What does the Rebate Qualification Process Look Like?

Two seperate energy audits are needed to qualify a homeowner for Home Efficiency Rebates. One before any renovations have begun and one right after all of the renovations are completed. The common way for a homeowner to receive a rebate is as such:

  1. Get in touch with an approved Service Organization (such as Barrier Sciences Group) that has registered energy advisors can conduct both a pre-renovation energy audit and a post-renovation energy audit.
  2. Use the information provided in the energy audit to pick a minimum of two applicable home improvements (the information provided from the energy audit and energy advisor will aid you in choosing the most cost-effective option).
  3. Have a reputable and professional contractor perform all of your chosen renovations (such as our friends at GNI).
  4. Have the energy advisor conduct a post-renovation energy audit to check the performance of the new improvements, and submit all the necessary paperwork.
  5. After about 60 days, check the mail for your rebate cheque.

How Do I Know Which Home Improvements are the Best?

Choosing the right home renovations can be tough. But with the pre-renovation energy audit that is part of the Home Efficiency Rebate qualification process, it is actually quite easy. With an energy audit (aka an energy assessment), homeowners receive an in-depth look at how their home is performing, along with a list of suggestions for how it is able to be most cost-effectively improved.

The energy advisor who conducts your assessment will clearly lay out all of your home’s renovation options, including the expected utility bill and energy savings that are specific to each of your home’s possible improvements. They will also rank all of your home’s renovation options in terms of their cost-effectiveness, allowing you to target the areas of your home that can be most significantly improved for the lowest upfront cost.

Contact us today through our free phone consultation service and schedule a time for your pre-renovation energy audit; or talk with one of our registered energy advisors about your home renovation and rebate options.


What Home Improvements are Qualified for a Home Efficiency Rebate?

Through the Home Efficiency Rebate initiative, homeowners receive rebates for making eligible improvements to their home’s level of energy efficiency. This includes making, insulation and airtightness improvements, window, skylight, and door improvements, and boiler/furnace upgrades. Additionally, bonus rebates are available to homeowners who do three or more eligible upgrades.

Insulation and Airtightness Rebates

Water Heater Rebates

Furnace and Boiler Rebates

Bonus Rebates

The Home Efficiency Rebate Initiative Replaces Both the Union Gas and Enbridge Gas Rebate Programs

With the recent purchasing of Union Gas by Enbridge Gas, the two seperate rebate programs from each company have been merged into one, creating Home Efficiency Rebates. This change was necessary in order to streamline the rebate process, and it allows more homeowners to save money on their home renovations. With the combination of these two rebate programs, customers of Enbridge Gas are no longer required to achieve a minimum of 10% savings in natural gas use on every project in order to qualify for these rebates.

Speak to an Energy Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply?
    To qualify for Home Efficiency Rebates, contact an approved Service Organization (such as BSG) and setup a time for a pre-renovation energy audit. The energy advisor who conducts your pre-renovation energy audit will help you with the application process from there. To get started, contact us by email at, or take advantage of our free phone consultation service.
  2. Why do I need an energy audit before AND after I renovate?
    An energy audit examines the entire energy performance of a home. Since the Home Efficiency Rebate initiative is focused on helping homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency, a comparison of the results from the pre and post-renovation energy audit indicate how effective the renovations were at reducing the home’s energy consumption. A pre-renovation energy audit also allows homeowners to target the most effective, affordable, and rebate-eligible home improvements, and a post-renovation energy audit lays the groundwork for future home improvements to be made easier.
  3. Can I receive an HVAC rebate?
    Eligible homeowners can receive up to a $1,000 rebate for upgrading their home’s furnace or boiler by a specified amount. See the “Furnace and Boiler Rebates” section above for more information. Please note: a furnace upgrade does not count towards the mandatory two upgrades for rebate eligibility, and a minimum of two other upgrades must also be carried out.
  4. Can I get a rebate for improving my home’s airtightness?
    The Home Efficiency Rebate iniative offers $150 to homeowners who improve their home’s airtightness by at least 10% over their base target amount. A $100 rebate is also available for homeowners who reach their base target amount of airtightness improvement.
  5. Is it worthwhile to improve my home’s energy efficiency?
    By improving the energy efficiency of your home, you not only lower your utility bills and overall operational costs, but you also improve your home’s level of comfort, interior air quality, and market value. Also, you are reducing your family’s risk of adverse health effects that stem from sick building syndrome. With the rebates from the Home Efficiency Rebate initiative, your energy efficiency improvements will also pay themselves off through utility savings even sooner.

The New Home Efficiency Rebate offers rebates up to $5,000.

There’s great news for homeowners who are planning to do residential renovations or upgrades! The new Home Efficiency Rebate offers up to $5,000 back for home energy upgrades. By doing renovations or upgrades that will improve a home’s energy efficiency, homeowners may be eligible for substantial rebates of up to $5,000 from Enbridge and Union Gas. Simply put, there are long-term payoffs with an energy efficient home.

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