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If you live in a home long enough, or are moving into a new place, chances are you will be making a few home renovations along the way. No matter the reason for your changes, BSG can help make the entire process easier to manage and more affordable to undertake.

Our registered energy advisors are skilled renovation experts of home energy performance. This means that they can fully evaluate the energy efficiency of your home and suggest the most cost-effective pathways for you to make improvements. With BSG’s help, budget home renovations are not just possible - they are effective and precise. 

Home Energy Audits

Home renovations should all start with a home energy audit (aka an energy assessment)- an in-depth analysis of a home’s building envelope. Using advanced technology, such as a blower door test, BSG is able to identify many issues within the building envelope of a home during a home energy audit. This includes problems such as: air leaks, faulty insulation, an inefficient appliance, or areas of poor ventilation. Serving as an extension to an EnerGuide Report, a home energy audit lays out the map for cost-effective home renovations.

This means that with the information included in your home’s energy audit, you can selectively target the upgrades that will give you the biggest energy savings per dollar of your investment. As a result, it’s easy for you to save money on your home renovations while still making a noticeable and effective upgrade. 

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Renovate Your Home for Energy Efficiency

The benefits of renovating for energy efficiency can be seen throughout a home. For example: attic insulation reduces overall energy consumption, basement airtightness helps prevent unwanted moisture build-up, and new window replacements lower the overall ACH of the home (the measurement of Air Changes per Hour within a building - the lower the better).

By improving the energy performance of your home, you can:


Lower Utility Bills

Lower Utility Bills

Our Home Reno Experts help you figure out how much you'll save from each and every upgrade you make. From better insulation to high-efficiency furnances, you'll know which you can save the most from.


Improve Home Comfort

Improve Home Comfort

Home renovations are more than wall deep. Energy upgrades and home renos should include improving home comfort. From warmer winters to cooler summers, our Home Reno Experts are here to help.

Reduce Indoor Drafts

Reduce Indoor Drafts

Controlled air exchange for your home healthy. Uncontrolled air leakage is not. Our Home Reno Experts can identify the sources of indoor drafts so you can put a stop to slamming doors and whistling windows.


Increased Air Quality

Increase Indoor Air Quality

The air you breathe should help your health, not hinder it. If you're like most people, you spend a lot of time in your home. Our Home Reno Experts help make sure the air you breathe in your home is the best it can be.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We all know that climate change is happening, but knowing how to help slow it down can be confusing. Our Home Reno Experts show you exactly how your home renovations will impact your carbon footprint.


Increase Market Value

Increase Market Value

You don't need to be selling your home to increase its market value. Get a head start on making the most from your home when you decide to sell. Our Home Reno Experts help you make cost-effective choices.

Attic Renovations

The benefits of making improvements to your attic, such as air sealing and stronger insulation, should not be overlooked. Attic insulation improvements work to increase the airtightness, temperature control, and air quality of the entire home. They are able to accomplish this on both hot and cold days, as they reduce the amount of unwanted air exchange that happens on every level of the home. With a lower rate of total air exchange (measured in ACH - Air Changes per Hour), a home becomes cheaper to heat and cool, it has a more uniform temperature on every floor, and it reduces your family’s risk of sick building syndrome

To measure the ACH of a home, our energy advisors conduct a blower door test. This test creates a negative pressure within the home, helping to check for air leaks by forcing outside air inwards through cracks or holes in the building envelope.

Give Your Home A Checkup With A Home Energy Audit

Basement Renovations

Basement home renovations are also effective at improving the energy efficiency of an entire home, partially due to something called the stack effect. The stack effect occurs when there is a pressure / temperature difference inside the house compared to the outside. This causes heated or cooled air to escape, and for it to be replaced with unfiltered exterior air which is often drawn-in from cracks in the basement or around the foundation. This can cause drafts, a more expensive utility bill and a less comfortable home. Fortunately, by improving your basement’s airtightness and/or insulation, you can reduce the impact of the stack effect and start saving on your utility bills. 

“With BSG’s help, budget home renovations are not just possible - they are effective and precise.”

Lower Your Energy Bills With A Home Energy Assessment

Window Replacements and Retrofits

When it comes to air leaks and insufficient levels of insulation, the windows and doors of a home are often one of the main culprits. Budgeting and planning for window replacements or retrofits can easily become one of the more intimidating parts of conducting home renovations, as there are a lot of factors to consider - such as warranties, installation costs, and expected lifespans. However, our energy advisors can analyze your entire home and determine the exact window replacements or retrofits that fit both your needs and your budget. For example, you could target the windows or doors that are causing the biggest problems only, helping you to see the greatest improvements for the lowest up-front investment. 

Locate Your Air Leaks With A Blower Door Test

BSG is Key to Cost-Effective Home Renovations

It is no secret that home renovations can be expensive. That’s why we are always looking to save our customers as much money as possible on their home improvements through our comprehensive and incremental approach to home renovations and retrofits. Within this approach, we help our customers identify the most beneficial and cost effective upgrades in their home, so they can be targeted and completed first.

Our incremental approach is possible due the home energy audits that are performed by our skilled energy advisors. They identify every way that a home could be improved in terms of energy efficiency, and supply the homeowner with a list of possible improvements ordered by their cost-effectiveness. This is what makes it so easy for you to target the home renovations that would net you the biggest improvements for the lowest up-front cost. 

We are your Home Renovation Experts. If you have any questions about home energy audits, airtightness tests, or the benefits of improving home energy efficiency, please contact us by email at info@barriersciences.com, phone at 1-866-333-3920, or on our website.

The Canada Greener Homes Grant offers home efficiency renovation grants up to $5,000.

Homeowners Canada-wide are eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, announced on May 27, 2021. This new incentive offers up to $5,000 in grants for home efficiency retrofit renovations, plus a $600 reimbursement for pre- and post-work EnerGuide evaluations. Eligible retrofit scopes include home insulation, heating, doors, windows, photovoltaic solar panels, resiliency measures, and thermostats.

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