Inspection and Reporting

Barrier Sciences Group uses a science-based approach to provide customers with a menu of quality services.  Everything we do is rooted in ethical business practices, and our primary focus is always on our customer’s specific challenges and attendant remedies.

The BSG team consists of a group of experienced engineers, architectural technologists, energy auditors, and thermographers - all of them highly trained (and certified) and with a passion for enhancing the operational performance and energy profile of the building.

The BSG approach is comprehensive and methodical.  Our 8-point building performance analysis - investigation, assessment, recommendation, initialization, management, inspection, confirmation and testing - is based on proven methodology and years of experience.

Barrier Sciences Group is always on the lookout for new technologies and approaches.  And when it comes to building envelope deep energy retrofit and weatherization, the BSG team is at the forefront - with a solution-oriented approach that addresses the challenges.

In an effort to avoid conflicts-of-interest, even when it’s unintended, BSG offers inspection services that are client-centred and priority-focused.  Onsite testing services can range from occasional inspection and progress reporting, to full-time project management.  The level of service required is wholly dependent on the nature of the deep energy retrofit, the scope of work being performed, and the time-line of the project.

The onsite presence of the BSG team has definite advantages for the client:  it provides the opportunity to ensure that work is performed as specified; it provides an ongoing record of work being done; and it provides a method for quick response when changes affect scope of work or project conditions.  It’s simply a good way to keep a “finger on the pulse” of the project – and with a building envelope, this is often critical.

As part of Barrier Sciences Group 8-point building performance analysis, the inspection phase monitors the implementation of the deep energy retrofit – it’s absolutely essential to the integrity of the project, as well as the successful completion and outcome of the retrofit.  Most importantly, experienced consultants should be expediting the inspection - those who specifically specialize in retrofit installations.

Monitoring and inspection (supported by corroborating documentation) serve to confirm the proper implementation of retrofit action(s) that were recommended.  As an external service provider, Barrier Sciences Group provides inspection services that are based on a schedule and frequency that satisfies the scope and momentum of the project.  As well, the service is designed to address the priorities of the property owner. 

BSG offers inspection as an integral part of an all-inclusive service package, or separately (as a stand-alone component).  Clients may choose from a “periodic” service, or a full-time, on-site service.  The point is, regardless of the inspection approach, BSG strongly believes that accurate monitoring, inspection and documentation is fundamental to project success.  It’s this phase of the project that will guarantee full value for work performed.

For many deep energy retrofits, the BSG team puts an extra emphasis on the inspection phase.  This is particularly important when project components are concealed after all the work is complete. 

Learn more about home inspection services from Barrier Sciences Group.

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