COVID-19: Barrier Sciences Group's Response

Upon the resumption of the Home Efficiency Rebate and related home energy audits by Enbridge Gas on June 15, 2020, Barrier Sciences Group will be re-opening energy audit services to qualify Ontario homeowners for the Home Efficiency Rebate.

Barrier Sciences Group and our registered Energy Advisors are committed to following all guidelines and recommendations as laid out by Ontario Public Health, as well as the preventative measures for in-home energy audits as provided by Enbridge Gas Ltd.

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COVID-19 Preventative Measures During In-Home Energy Audits

Barrier Sciences Group will be abiding by the following preventative measures:

  • All Barrier Sciences Group customers will be required to answer the following screening questions at time of booking:
    • Has anyone in your house been advised to stay at home (self-isolate) for 14 days due to secondary exposure to COVID-19 or because of travel?
    • Has anyone in your house had close contact with a person known to have COVID-19?
    • Have you or anyone in your house been diagnosed with COVID-19?
    • Is there anyone in the house currently experiencing any of the following symptoms:
      • Fever
      • Cough
      • Sneezing (outside of traditional allergies)
      • Sore throat
      • Difficulty breathing  
  • Your BSG Energy Advisor will contact you 24 hours before your scheduled in-home energy audit to ask if any answers to the above screening questions have changed.
  • Your BSG Energy Advisor will ask all above screening questions one final time on-site before entering the home.
    • Records indicating that all instances screening questions have been asked will be recorded for each customer.
    • If the answer to any of the above COVID-19 screening questions indicate an environment that may put the Energy Advisor at risk of infection, the energy audit booking will be cancelled and must be re-booked only after all members living within the home are healthy and again and exhibiting no symptoms.
  • Barrier Sciences Group will attempt to stay in each customer's house for as little time as possible. As much paperwork as is feasible will be filled in advance of or after visiting the customer in order to minimize time within the customer's home.
  • When and where possible, Barrier Sciences Group will ask the homeowner to ensure that only one person is in the home during the on-site energy audit for everyone's safety. If there are additional people in the home such as children, your Barrier Sciences Group Energy Advisor will ask that they wait in another room while the energy audit is taking place.
  • All Barrier Sciences Group Energy Advisors are required to have a sanitization method approved by Ontario Public Health on hand or in their vehicle in order to abide by recommended sanitization methods.
    • Proper hand sanitization will be carried out regularly both on-site and between customers.
  • All Barrier Sciences Group Energy Advisors will have vinyl or nitrile gloves, non-medical or disposable face masks, and waste bags.
  • If the homeowner would like to monitor the audit, they must do so while maintaining a distance of at least 2m (6 feet) from the Energy Advisor.
    • Failure to abide by this social distancing rule will result in the cancellation of the booking at the judgement of the Energy Advisor.
  • Any and all paperwork that would normally handled or transferred in-person will instead be sent via email between BSG and customer, unless it is not safe or secure to do so.
  • For paperwork requiring pictures that have not been previously received by email, the homeowner should neatly place them on a table and then take the pictures of the documents without touching.
  • For additional paperwork that require signatures and are not signed in advance of the onsite energy assessment, BSG will ask the homeowner to have them signed and laid out on a table for the Energy Advisor to take pictures. 
  • Paperwork signed on-premises during the audit by the homeowner must be signed with the homeowner's own pen.
  • Following the energy audit, the BSG Energy Advisor will sanitize any surfaces that they came in to contact with, as well as any tools or equipment.

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